Coronavirus Precautions To Take When Buying A House In Scottsdale

Although the coronavirus has brought many businesses and industries to a stand-still, that’s not the case with real estate. Residential real estate was designated an essential business. As a result, mortgage applications have remained at about 75% of what they were at this time in 2019. Still, in order to remain virus-free and healthy, buyers, … Continued

Mortgage Relief Options To Help Homeowners in Scottsdale

Your finances can change quickly, especially when faced with the recent economic downturn. One thing that could be causing stress for you is the overhead of your normal bills, such as your mortgage. Here’s what you need to know about Scottsdale mortgage relief options that may be available. What Is the CARES Act? First and … Continued

5 Tips For Financing A House in Scottsdale After a Bankruptcy

Although it may seem like it, bankruptcy is not the end of the world when it comes to financing a house. Still, although bankruptcy reduces or eliminates your debts, it does damage your credit . . . for a while. But it is possible to buy a house after bankruptcy if you take the necessary … Continued

5 Things You Can Do To Make Your House Stand Out In Scottsdale

You know that when you sell your home, you have to make it as appealing to buyers as possible. But that’s not always an easy task when there are other homes in the neighborhood with similar – or even the same – features. Your job then becomes making your home stand out from all the … Continued

Virtual Tools To Make Buying or Selling Your House Easier in Scottsdale

Whether you’re buying a home or selling your house, today it’s easier, faster, and more efficient than it’s ever been. Most of this is owing to cutting-edge, digital technological advancements and innovations. These virtual innovations have made the process of buying/selling a house not only less stressful but almost a new experience altogether. Let’s take … Continued

How The Coronavirus Is Impacting The Real Estate Market in Scottsdale

COVUD-19, the disease that results from contracting the coronavirus, was declared a pandemic by the WHO in early March. Since then, it has claimed tens of thousands of lives, and measures taken to stop the spread of the virus have brought business to their knees and hamstrung entire industries, as well as putting a lot … Continued

5 Myths About Scottsdale Agents You Should Ignore

Realtors are sometimes seen as sleazy salespeople who are only after your money, similar to a used car salesperson. That isn’t always the case. Here are 5 myths about Scottsdale agents you should ignore. All Commissions for Scottsdale Agents Are Equal Some clients begin their house search thinking everything regarding their Scottsdale agents is boilerplate … Continued